Join the AKA

Mid Northern NSW

Join the AKA and enjoy the extensive benefits of membership.
We are an active, friendly and family-oriented club.
New members are always welcome and will enjoy the generous advice,
assistance and social interaction with our more experienced members.

Please note ALL information regarding members is kept confidential
and is not released to the public or other members

Practical and money saving benefits include:

    Discounted fish food
    Discounted pumps / equipment
    Advice on pond building
    Advice on improved filtering
    Advice on improved koi keeping
    Advice on how to breed your own koi
    Buying and selling koi at auction
    Koi medical advice and how to medicate
    Regular monthly, free and friendly club meetings with table shows and videos
    Use of free book and video library. Enjoyable / educational pond and garden inspections
    Monthly, free and informative / educational club magazine
    All this and more for only $30 (pensioner $20)
    Friendly and helpful club / family atmosphere

"You'll never swim alone again with any koi problems!"

For any enquiries contact the Membership Officer,
John 0406 947 200  or  Robyn  0438 441 914